Biostimulatory (Filler, Threads & PRP)

Radiesse, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Threads (PLLA & PDO)

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About Biostimulatory Treatments

We love stimulation, especially when it gives us beautiful glowing skin. Biostumulatory products like Sculptra, Radiesse, Threads & PRP promote the body's natural production of collagen and elastin over a period of several months. These products act as tiny scaffolds for these substances, which add volume to treatment areas and help reduct the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Their effects typically last at least two years.


60 minute Procedure time

Minimal to

recovery Time


Weeks of swelling

What it treats

Biostimulatory fillers are used to restore the loss of facial fat and collagen that decreases with age. This loss of volume often results in “gaunt” or hollow looking cheeks and temples that make us look older.
As we age the bone around our eyes widens, leading to eye hollows & flattened cheeks - bones of the central face and jaw degrade. This diminished bone scaffold on which our fat and skin sit leads to wrinkles and folds. Biostimulation for the win!
Biostimulatory products are used to strengthen and smooth the skin. It works by stimulating your own collagen and elastin to reverse signs of crepey, aging skin.
Skin that is thin, wrinkled or folded is commonly referred to as “crepey.” Radiesse is an amazing solution to target these wrinkly areas to firm, plump and rejuvenate. Because treatment stimulates your own collagen growth, results will only improve after the initial treatment.
Hip dips, or the inward depression between the love handles and upper thighs, can be treated with Sculptra. Treatment can help reduce this volume loss and give a more streamline shape to the body.
Sculptra for the buttock is a way to enhance the curve and shape of the buttocks without surgery. We use dermal filler injection to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin.
As dermal fillers help to boost the volume of the skin, they are also used to treat acne scars. The fillers work by improving the contours of the skin, reducing the depressions that create those unsightly “craters” left behind by acne scars.
By using the body’s own powers of healing and strengthening, the P-Shot can enhance size, staying-power and drive for better sex for men and their partners.
The O-Shot is a minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenating treatment for women who are experiencing low libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse or urinary incontinence.
The G-shot is a cosmetic procedure to enhance sensitivity of the Grafenberg spot for increased sexual sensitivity and sexual pleasure. Hyaluronic acid based injections are used to increase the sensitivity of the vaginal wall at the G-spot leading to easier vaginal orgasms and more intense orgasms.
Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem. Biostimulatory fillers stimulate hair growth and stop thinning hair, in both men and women.


These products are unlike other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers because they do not produce immediate results. Instead, they stimulate your own body’s collagen production, so results appear gradually over a period of a few months. Aging in reverse! You will likely need about 2-3 monthly treatments to achieve your desired results. With each treatment, there is re-stimulation of your own collagen. Then it can take four to six weeks to see the full effect. 

Biostimulatory Fillers


Frequently Asked Questions

Collagen production in the body decreases as you get older and/or are exposed to the sun. Wrinkles are one of the first visible signs of this. Biostimulatory products are injected into the deep layer of the skin where collagen naturally exists and is made/stimulated. As the products biodegrade the body will produce new collagen where injections occurred. This stimulation builds up reaching optimal stimulation between 4-6 weeks.A gift that keeps on giving! It is typical to re-stimulate for best outcome at the 4 week mark. 

If natural is your love language, biostimulation is your match! Gradually stimulating your own body to produce what age and sun damage took away. Leaving you feeling refreshed, never overdone. 

Some treatments may last for up to 25 months after the last treatment session. Unlike other fillers, biostimulatory products provide a gradual improvement of the depressed area over several weeks as the treatment effects occur. During the initial treatment session, a contour defect should be under-corrected, not fully-corrected or over-corrected. It may seem that your treatment worked immediately because of swelling caused by injection and the water used to dilute Sculptra or Radiesse. This usually resolves in several hours to a few days and may cause the original wrinkle to reappear: you may look as you did before your treatment. Visible wrinkle correction results appear slowly. You will be scheduled for a follow up in 4 weeks to identify if a second re-stimulation is required to achieve desired results. 

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