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A collection of refined badasses changing the way the world thinks about aesthetics, one patient at a time.

Olga Gilman


Founder, Pisces, Artist​​

As long as Olga can remember, she was surrounded by art. She grew up in a family of musicians and performers, including one artist who especially sparked her creative spirit: her grandpa Yury. She remembers watching as he would bring clients’ auras to life on canvas — masterpieces borne from bonds of deep trust and vulnerability. Only as an adult, did Olga realize she and her grandfather shared a thread of empathy for others that manifested through their love of art.

After studying dermatology and plastics, Olga found her home in aesthetics. With her strong background in surgical dermatology and keen artistic eye, she quickly became an expert in her field. But, as Olga gained experience, she knew something was missing from her industry: a practice that valued patient relationships over transactional ones. It was then she decided, if she couldn’t find a practice that truly cared about its patients, she would create one. And so, Olga opened Haevum — a safe space for patients and artists alike to create something beautiful.

To Olga, it’s not just the work itself, but the bonds created along the way. She uses her innate ability to read people to see her patients for who they truly are and how they long to feel. Intimate and vulnerable moments that leave patients with a renewed confidence and self-love. Just as Olga’s grandfather used his ability to capture a true reflection of the inner self, Olga does the same for each patient who walks through Haevum’s doors.

Kevin Haddle


Medical Doctor, Cancer, Confidante​

Dr. Kevin R. Haddle is dual board-certified for both the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. After finishing his fellowship in Columbus, Ohio in July 2003, he started work as an associate surgeon in the Chicagoland area. He then decided to purchase a solo practice in Geneva, Illinois where he practices full-scope maxillofacial and facial aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Kevin R. Haddle is practicing full-scoped Oral & Maxillofacial/Aesthetic Facial Surgery with emphasis on maxillofacial and facial aesthetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, implant surgery, trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery and skin care.

When he is not helping clients, Kevin enjoys working out, running regularly, and training others. He has an interest in small aircrafts. He loves to work with his hands and pursue home renovations and landscaping. During his spare time he likes to travel, read and attend continuing education courses.

Rachel Tsybulesky​


Baby Nurse, Hype-Woman, Sagittarius

To Rachel, aesthetics doesn’t get the credit it deserves. She believes it’s the perfect marriage of art and science — just like her background. Before she found her way to Haevum, she worked as an art teacher, sharing her passion with like-minded students. But with a mom living with cerebral palsy and a father fighting a cancer diagnosis, she knew her life was meant for something more. So, she found a clinical trial for her father, raising funds for his treatment and fell in love with nursing along the way. She’s currently in nursing school learning about the inner workings of the human body and the incredible harmony it takes to function.

When she’s not in classes, she’s training under Founder Olga Gilman as an injector. Her favorite part of the job? Getting to know her patients on a deeper level and drawing out the confidence within. To her, there’s no joy like the kind that radiates from a patient’s “after” photo.

Cristina Cosniceanu​


Aesthetician, Skin Soother, Leo​

Raised in Moldova and Portugal where beauty was not only a passion, but a priority, Cristina’s journey to aesthetics began at an early age. Messing around with makeup soon turned into a job at Sephora where she was able to surround herself with color and artistry on a daily basis. But as time went by, she realized the full face of makeup the job required was taking a toll on her skin health. Her constant breakouts made her realize that what she really wanted, was a way to feel her most confident with no makeup at all.

As her passion for clear, healthy skin grew, so did her discerning eye for an exceptional facial. She noticed so many facialists pushing products over quality treatments and wanted to become the detail-oriented facialist that she knew the world needed more of.

She soon found Olga and fell in love with her client-first, relationship-building attitude that makes patients feel their most confident. Cristina is proud to join the Haevum family where she can focus on giving patients the relaxing and quality treatments they deserve.

When Cristina isn’t working with patients, you can find her cooking healthy, delicious recipes (a talent she owes to her mom), working out and hitting the dance floor at at Chicago’s best Latino dance clubs.

Michelle Keymolen​


Patient Concierge, Taurus, Connector

Michelle has always been drawn to beautiful things. Ever since she was a child, she’s always looked for ways to feed her artistic spirit. Whether it’s painting, poetry or makeup artistry, she always finds herself looking for a new creative outlet. And yes, that mostly likely includes trying out a new hair color every time you see her.

But more than just art, Michelle loves connecting with people. At Haevum, she loves that work is so much more than just work, but a place to make patients their most comfortable so they feel safe and empowered every step of the way. With experience as both a hair stylist and personal trainer, she knows better than anyone just how important and deeply personal a self-confidence journey can be.

Here for whatever

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